Tradition: Jicatuyo
Group: Reina
Type: Reina Inciso
Variety: Reina
Phase: Early Coner, Late Coner

Reina has two main forms, thin-walled jars with vertical necks, some curving slightly outwards, and shallow bowls with rounded walls. Fine, shallow, grouped parallel-lines were incised on jar necks. The incisions were performed in three or four zones. The groups of incised lines in the top and bottom zones were placed to resemble triangles. Above the top zone and below the bottom, there were red bands painted onto the vessel. Horizontal slashes were incised medial to the top and bottom zones. There were geometric motifs incised in the center of the vessels. A red-slip band was applied to the interior rim. Painted areas had been slipped, while incised areas were unslipped.